Magazine Cover

The concept of this idea is to make a magazine cover promoting a trend (septum piercing) that is frowned upon by closed-minded people. I wanted to show that piercings are acceptable; in with the new, out with the old. To make this happen I asked a good friend of mine, Darcey Agnew, if she would help me achieve this goal.
At first, my plan was to have Darcey facing the camera square on but after looking through other magazine covers she started to mimick them. This photoshoot ended with a lot of great pictures of Darcey. Once I saw this photo, I knew it was the one I should use and dropped the original idea. I used a sans serif font for the text on the cover to contrast with the serif font used for the logo of the magazine. The colour of the font was taken from the colour of her lipstick. Lastly, the background has a blue tint to make the red text stronger.